Heidi Leech Craft & Design


I’m a graphic designer and artist, and I live in Washington, DC.

To take care of business: find samples of my work in my portfolio—I have set up a few recent project case studies on Behance, and other smaller pieces on Dribbble. There are more portfolio pieces coming! Find out more about my work history, education, awards and other things, on my non-fancy resume/CV (PDF) or on LinkedIn.

Notes & Thoughts

I have not updated this site and my portfolio since 2011. Six years!

Since then, I’ve worked as a web designer and accessibility specialist in government contracting and information technology. In hindsight, I realize that IT is a strange place for a graphic designer, unless the management somehow knows about and appreciates visual design and the value of it, and has integrated design into their workflow.

I’m excited to discover other opportunities out there in the world, in design and accessibility, and find a good job fit!

Goals: I haven’t had the opportunity to learn Sketch, and would like to. As well, I'd like to get more comfortable working with web fonts. Please stand by.