Heidi Leech Craft & Design


I’m a graphic (visual, web, digital, UI) designer and artist, and I live in Washington, DC, with Lily Tina the cat.

Find samples of my work in my portfolio—I have set up a few project case studies on Behance, and other smaller pieces on Dribbble. I hope to post more as I have time! Find out more about my work history, education, awards and other things, on my non-fancy resume/CV (PDF) or on LinkedIn.

Notes & Thoughts

I’m passionate about design and accessibilty in general. I will talk your ear off about typography and white space/margins, so don’t get me started.

I like to learn new things and keep growing, without losing sight of the fundamentals. One of my new, big-picture goals is to get a handle on digital content and design standards for my team.

Most of all it would be wonderful to get back to drawing, painting, embroidery, printing, and collage—I've been in a creative funk since before the pandemic. Deep cleaning and organizing seem to be all I can do to keep calm.